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喜乐彩骗局 www.x5dtg.cn   你知道为什么麦当劳,肯德基以及必胜客等快餐餐饮标志都是红色呢?你知道为什么教育学者认为夸奖小孩做事能力强比本身很有才华更重要呢?你知道为什么有时候会梦见游戏世界的情境非常清晰吗?

  1. Colors颜色

  You’ve probably noticed companies such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, McDonald’s all use red color in thelogos. Red is a color associated with excitement and youthfulness. It alsostimulates the area of the brain which is responsible for color.


  Most of the brandshave researched to figure out which color works best to stimulate thatparticular emotion which can drive the sales of their products. The image belowshows few examples.


  2. Studies show thatyou should not tell a child the he/she is “so smart” but instead commend their work.研究表明,人们不应夸奖小孩“很聪明”,而应称赞他们的努力。

  According to CarolDweck and her team at Columbia University telling kids they are smart makes themwant to maintain the image of appearing smart. She says, “we tell them that this is the name of the game: Look smart, don’t risk making mistakes.” A better complimentwould be “you must have worked very hard for this.”

  根据Carol Dweck和她在哥伦比亚大学的团队研究,夸小孩聪明会使他们努力维持看上去很聪明的模样。她说:“我们在告诉他们,这个游戏的名字叫‘看上去聪明’,但不可以犯错误?!备髦堑某圃抻Ω檬恰澳阋欢ê芘Φ厝プ稣饧铝税?”。

  3. People who playvideo games often are much more likely to have lucid dreams than non-gamers.玩电子游戏的人更容易做清晰的梦。

  They were also betterable to influence their dream worlds, as if controlling a video-game character.


  Here’s how to lucid dream.


  4. Eyes make us honest. 眼睛使我们诚实。

  We all know thescene: the departmental coffee room, with the price list for tea and coffee onthe wall and the “honesty box”where you pay for your drinks – or not, because no oneis watching.


  Researchersdiscovered that merely a picture of watching eyes nearly tripled the amount ofmoney put in the box.


  Melissa Bateson andcolleagues at Newcastle University, UK, put up new price lists each week intheir psychology department coffee room. Prices were unchanged, but each weekthere was a photocopied picture at the top of the list of either flowers or theeyes of real faces. The faces varied but the eyes always looked directly at theobserver. In the weeks with eyes on the list, staff paid 2.76 times as much fortheir drinks as in weeks with flowers.


  5. If you’re in a really heated situation, try to avoid the word “you”.如果你处在非常激动愤怒的状态,请尽量避免用“你”这个字眼。

  The word “you” is accusatory and is not going to help.


  6. If you wantsomeone to say yes to something you’re asking for, hereare some options: 如果你希望别人答应你请求的事,可以尝试以下几个方法:

  Nod as you ask. Ourbrains have what are called ‘mirror neurons’ which activate to make us mimic other people’s actions. Sometimes they will also start to nod, which then makesthem then agree with you.


  If you have a bigfavor to ask, start by asking smaller ones ahead of time. This is called thefoot in the door phenomenon. If you ask for small things, then work up to bigthings, people are more likely to say yes than if you start off with a hugefavor.


  Inversely, if youare asking for a small favor but still know that they will probably say no,start by asking them for a huge favor. Then when they say no, ask for thesmaller one. They’re more likely to say yes, especiallyif they feel a bit bad about turning down the first request.


  7. If you find a co-workerto be completely wrong about something especially in a meeting or worksituation, it’s better to make yourself the point of reference.如果你发现同事在某件事上彻底搞错了,特别是在会议或工作场合,那么最好拿自己作参考点。

  For example:


  Bad: Dwight, I thinkyou have got it completely wrong!!!!!


  Better: I don’t think I understood it correctly. From what I understand, it saysthis _____. Am I wrong on this point?

  正面:我想我可能在理解上有点偏颇。根据我的理解,你的意思是 ,我的理解对吗?

  8. People who havecars with bumper stickers are more likely to exhibit road rage.保险杠后有车贴的人更倾向有马路杀手行为,所以按喇叭之前还是三思吧。

  You may want tothink twice before laying on the horn. A study at Colorado State Universityfound drivers who use decals, dashboard hulas, and vanity plates, are morelikely to be road ragers than others. Researchers say it comes down to the factthat people who mark their territory appear to be a bit more aggressive.


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